Preparing for Your Stay

Before Baby Arrives

As you plan and prepare for the birth of your child, you’ll want to shop around at different hospitals to find the one that works best for you. Along with prenatal care from a birthing staff that makes you feel welcome and comfortable, you’ll want to find a location that’s close and convenient and find out whether the hospital offers services you want, such as child-birthing and infant care classes.

During Your Stay

When you arrive at the hospital in labor, you can settle into a comfortable private delivery room, equipped for labor, delivery and recovery. You’ll have a fully adjustable bed, a reclining chair or couch for your partner or labor assistant, private bathroom and shower, and Spanish language services if you need them. If your baby needs special care or treatment, the Well Newborn Nursery and Special Care Nurseries are staffed by highly skilled nurses, neonatologists and feature the most technologically advanced equipment to care for your newborn.

Postpartum Support

Once your baby is born, we’re here if you need us, or we can give you privacy to enjoy your new family member. Your postpartum recovery room is private, comfortable and your newborn can stay with you the entire time. If you choose to breastfeed it can take some time to fully adjust to everything that’s involved, but you can always find certified lactation consultants on-hand to offer inpatient consultation and breastfeeding support to help you get off on the right foot. 

Introducing our Birth Navigator Service

Meet your personal guide for your journey to motherhood!

Need help preparing for your delivery? Talk with the Birth Navigator at Abrazo Arrowhead Campus.

Our Birth Navigator is a Registered Nurse who can answer your hospital related questions, help you navigate your way through the registration process, provide small group tours beginning 36 weeks, schedule classes and provide you with the latest important information. You decide how involved you wish to be in the program as participation is entirely voluntary with no additional charge. We recommend you call between your 20th and 30th week of pregnancy with questions about the hospital and delivery process, but we are here to answer questions at any time.

Any expectant mom knows the anticipation of the birthing experience is an exciting time but can sometimes be overwhelming. The Birth Navigator helps moms feel confident and comfortable before the big day arrives.

When you meet with your Birth Navigator, he or she will:

  • Assess your personal pregnancy needs
  • Help acquaint you with all our prenatal services
  • Provide information about breastfeeding and other healthy behaviors
  • Discuss labor options and birth preferences
  • Assist in selecting classes based on your needs
  • Provide small group tours beginning 36 weeks
  • Help with pre-registration paperwork

For more information, call the Birth Navigator at:
Abrazo Arrowhead Campus 623-572-4535

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