Adding beans to this meat chili helps to lower the fat and cholesterol in each serving.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size8 oz
Calories 274 *
Total Fat10 g
Saturated Fat2 g
Cholesterol65 mg
Sodium159 mg

Drain fat from cooked beef to lower the amount of calories and fat.

Servings and Times
Ingredients and Preparation
Lean beef stew meat (trimmed of fat), cut in 1 inch cubes2 pounds
Vegetable oil3 tablespoons
Water2 cups
Garlic, minced2 teaspoons
Onion, finely chopped1 large
Flour1 tablespoon
Chili powder2 teaspoons
Green pepper, chopped1
Tomatoes, chopped2 pounds (3 cups)
Oregano1 tablespoon
Cumin1 teaspoon
Canned kidney beans *2 cups

To cut back on sodium, try using "no salt added" canned kidney beans, or use beans prepared at home without salt.

  1. Directions
  2. Brown meat in a large skillet with half of vegetable oil. Add water. Simmer covered for 1 hour until meat is tender.
  3. Heat remaining vegetable oil in second skillet. Add garlic and onion and cook over low heat until onion is softened. Add flour and cook 2 minutes. Add the garlic-onion-flour mixture to the cooked meat. Then add the remaining ingredients to the meat mixture. Simmer 1/2 hour.