Lung Cancer

You can live for a while without food, water or shelter. But you always need to breathe.

If you’ve recently been told you might have lung cancer, you may be among the almost a quarter million Americans who’ll be diagnosed this year. You need medical professionals who will help you control your condition and guide you on the path to recovery.

You need the personalized, leading edge care you’ll get from the medical specialists at Abrazo Central Campus’ lung cancer diagnostic and treatment program. You will never be alone; our doctors, nurses and other health care personnel will partner with you to fight your disease.

Our care includes conventional treatments and supportive therapies that can give you a chance to breathe freely, beat your cancer and be as healthy as possible.

What is Lung Cancer?

There are two major types of lung cancer. It’s important to know which one you have, because they behave differently and different treatment options are available.

  • Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer – By far the most common type of lung cancer, this accounts for more than 80 percent of all lung cancer cases. It usually grows slowly and often has few symptoms until it’s far advanced. It includes three subtypes with different rates of development and treatments.
  • Small Cell Lung Cancer – About 10 to 15 percent of lung cancers are this type that grows quickly and spreads rapidly to lymph nodes and other areas. It is also called “oat cell” cancer due to the appearance of its cells under a microscope.  

Almost any cancer, including the three types of lung cancer above, can become metastatic and spread throughout the body when cancer cells break away from a tumor and travel through the blood or the lymph system. Because early stages of lung cancer do not have symptoms, it is common for lung cancer to metastasize before it is diagnosed. 

Medical Specialists for You

When you come to us, our attentive and experienced cancer healthcare professionals will meet with you and, if you want, close family members or friends to:

  • Learn about your medical history and risk factors
  • Understand your symptoms
  • Plan your screening, tests and treatments

Cancer care is their job – and they’re committed to your progress.

Specialists Who Understand Your Condition, Your Needs

Cancer is complicated. Did you know that just as no two people are the same, no two cancers are exactly alike?

Our physicians, nurses and clinicians know your treatment has to be as unique as you are.

Working Together

You’ll have ongoing access to your team so you get your test results, understand your diagnosis and are part of developing your treatment plan that will be designed to best meet your individual needs.

Our healthcare professionals will be there to facilitate your treatment every step of the way.

Making It As Easy as Possible

You can get your screening, diagnostic procedures, surgical and other care on our Abrazo Central Campus. If you need additional procedures, our medical professionals will facilitate every step with you so that appointments and services are smooth and seamless.

Support for You and Your Family

You are never alone. Cancer is a very big deal that not only affects you, but your whole family and other loved ones. Our compassionate cancer care physicians, nurses and technicians will be there for all of you.

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