BrightMatter™ Plan

Your brain. It’s magical, mysterious and most definitely one of the most important organs in your body. It provides so much: it helps you to walk, talk and create. It helps form your personality, hold your memories and simply make sense of the world.

Imagine the doctor telling you that something inside this complex system is wrong, something in your brain needs to be fixed.

Your medical team is here to offer compassion and support, and is ready to embrace you on this journey. We know you want reassurance. You’re asking: Exactly how will the doctors be able to fix my problem? How can they know just where to go and how to navigate the 100 billion nerve cells inside my brain? How can they help make me well?

Image of Brain Now, BrightMatter™ planning software giving doctors the tools they need to better serve patients. It is revolutionizing the treatment of brain tumors, stroke, and head trauma.

Instead of just having a two-dimensional map of your brain, this technology provides a detailed view of your neuron pathways. Software yields 3-D brightly colored images letting surgeons know just where to guide instruments to remove diseased tissue.

Think of it as a GPS program for your brain.

This imaging method shows the entire brain’s pathways to help guide the surgeons’ approach. They may be able to navigate to avoid disturbing any complex brain structures.  Such precision could allow doctors to connect to brain locations previously deemed inoperable or high risk.

Until now, neurosurgeons have relied largely on conventional MRI scans that provide flat, two-dimensional renderings of the brain. But this new software lets your surgical team make a plan before they even start the operation.

BrightMatter™ is that extra tool that doctors can use to gain insight into your personal brain. They can see your brain at work before surgery even begins. This imaging system is used with the BrainPath™ tubular device that allows neurosurgeons to navigate between the natural folds and neural structures in your brain without damaging anything else in its path.

Abrazo Central Campus is the first hospital in Arizona to use the BrightMatter™ and BrainPath™  technologies which aim to provide safer surgical intervention.

Your brain. Still magical and now, a little less mysterious, thanks to the BrightMatter technology and Abrazo’s medical team to provide you with the utmost care. 

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