Health Care Heroes


Brenda Day
Abrazo Scottsdale Campus Human Resources Specialist 

Brenda-Day smallBehind the scenes of patient care at Abrazo Scottsdale Campus, Brenda Day ensures each new employee is warmly welcomed and prepared for his or her role in providing exceptional care to patients. Brenda was a finalist in August 2016 for the Phoenix Business Journal's Health Care Hero Award in the Non-Physician Category.

The welfare of patients, employees and physicians is Brenda Day's top priority in every decision she makes.

“It’s important that Abrazo Scottsdale Campus Human Resources Department has a friendly open door policy and gives excellent service when an employee has a problem,’’ she said. “If I can take some of the employees' concerns away, that will help them focus on their job providing good patient care.’’

Brenda’s work has been recognized by the Phoenix Business Journal when she was chosen as a finalist for the Health Care Hero Award in 2016.

As a Human Resources Representative, Brenda leads orientation for new employees, assists campus staff with benefits questions and cheerfully serves everyone who comes to her whether they have an appointment or not. 

While Brenda may not have a direct impact on patient care, the quality of her service to employees, volunteers and physicians enable them to deliver a higher level of service to Abrazo Scottsdale Campus patients. Her coworkers describe her as helpful, knowledgeable, honest, caring and genuine are how her coworkers describe her.

Serving as an ambassador for the hospital for the past 28 years, Brenda leads her team in a number of volunteer and charity events throughout the community, from handing out water bottles to the homeless during the summer to distributing personalized holiday cards to more than 150 residents at a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center.

Brenda works until the job is done, often putting the needs of patients and staff ahead of her own family.  Her wealth of knowledge runs deep and she demonstrates passion, determination and a caring attitude each and every day.

2015 ​

Jason Odhner
Abrazo Central Campus nurse 

Jason Odhner was named as the Phoenix Business Journal’s Health Care Hero winner in the nursing category in 2015.

Jason is a full-time nurse at with Abrazo Healthcare since 2012. He is bilingual in English and Spanish and he is always willing to translate to assist physicians and other nurses, regardless of whose patient needs help. He can be counted on to respond quickly to every rapid response or code, assist with a chart review, give medication or physically assist in a code.

Jason encourages and demonstrates teamwork with his positive outlook and ready availability. He never waits for others to do what he knows he can do. His unspoken attitude is: “If not me, then who?” In a further expression of that attitude, Jason, believing that “people have a basic right to primary care,” helps run a clinic called Phoenix Allies for Community Health (PACH), where he and some of his fellow nurses provide free healthcare to those in need. In addition to working full-time at Abrazo Central Campus, Odhner volunteers at least 25 hours per week at PACH, which he co-founded in 2013.

As a nursing and patient advocate, Jason identifies each patient’s needs during their hospital stay and at discharge. Jason will refer uninsured patients at to his clinic to provide follow-up care, medication management and education on disease processes. He will also perform home visits with his patients to help them with medication management. Jason also assists with providing transportation for his clinic patients to get to and from their medical appointments. 

Jason has fostered relationships with local physicians to provide specialty services to his patients that are not provided at the clinic.

Jason has worked and volunteered as a nurse around the world, including El Salvador, Guatemala, and Liberia.

​2014 ​

Abrazo Community Health Network had nine Health Care Hero Award winners in 2014 who were honored by the Phoenix Business Journal:

Health Care Heros: Danyell Aragon, Del Spangler, John Quinn, Jessica Mendoza and Ernesto Altamirano

Abrazo Central Campus Emergency Department assisted a family of seven who turned to the hospital not for medical aid but because they were homeless and hungry. Danyell Aragon, Del Spangler, John Quinn, Jessica Mendoza and Ernesto Altamirano worked as a team to provide compassion, blankets, food and even collected cash donations for the family.


Laura Flores, who works in housekeeping at 
Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital, identified a new process to post signs: “EVS cleaned’’ so staff knows that patients are being admitted to rooms that meet the hospital’s highest standards for cleanliness.


Abrazo Arrowhead Campus
 Nurse Holly May helped save the life of an 18-year-old motorcyclist who was injured as part of a multiple-vehicle crash and was not breathing. She did chest compressions and helped stem his bleeding.


Abrazo Central Campus
 Nurse Paul Marstall arranged for the family who had taken a loved one off life support to be able to say goodbye in the operating room before the patient’s organs were retrieved for donation.