Vascular surgeon says ​revolutionary research leads to the best results for patients 

Dr. Venkatesh Ramaiah, Vascular Surgeon, Arizona Heart Institute and Arizona Heart Hospital


For Dr. Venkatesh Ramaiah, choosing Abrazo Arizona Heart Institute and Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital was easy. 

“When I saw what they were doing here, I was blown away,” he says. 

“Not only is Abrazo Arizona Heart Institute involved in cutting-edge technology in terms of procedures, but also in terms of patient care and research. Everything here is centered around cardiovascular disease, and I haven’t seen another ‘one stop shop’ for cardiac care that’s so advanced.”

Ultimately, the focus on patient care keeps Dr. Ramaiah coming back. He knows that his patients will not only receive the highest level of care at the Abrazo Arizona Heart Institute and Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital, but that everyone will make the whole process as easy on them as possible. 

I could bring a patient here from anywhere in the world, do a full cardiac workup, do the procedure that same day, and get him or her home as soon as possible,” he says. “In a private setting, all that could take a month. We have the best patient care I’ve ever seen.
On a professional level, Dr. Ramaiah believes that Abrazo Arizona Heart Institute takes care of its doctors as well as it does its patients. 

“The environment here is like no other. We have an education program, with a fellowship in vascular surgery, but it’s not purely academia around here,” he says. 

“We do cutting-edge research in our own labs. We participate in clinical trials. We are published in the Journal of Endovascular Therapy, which is world recognized. We have our own international congress, iCon. We are involved in every area of cardiac care.”

And they never stop trying to learn more — every day there’s a new trial, new research or a new opportunity. Abrazo Arizona Heart Institute is recognized locally, nationally and internationally for their work, and Dr. Ramaiah is confident that success will continue. But he’s quick to bring everything back to the real point — the No. 1 priority is, and will always be, providing patients with the care they need so they can get back to living their lives.  

“We see patients, we take care of them and we send them home,” he says. “They love the treatment they receive here.”