We want every day to matter to them, so it matters to us.

Courtney Standifird, Clinical Coordinator, Abrazo Maryvale Campus ICU

CStandifird_MG_9891-YSIf you’ve ever spent time in the ICU, you know it takes a special kind of person to work there. Emotions and tensions run high, and for patients at the Maryvale ICU, one friendly face in particular goes a long way.

“It can be hard in the ICU because patients are very sick and families are scared,” says Courtney Standifird, Clinical Coordinator.

As Clinical Coordinator, Courtney works with doctors and staff to make sure that patients are well taken care of. Her duties include mediation administration, titrating drips, thorough physical assessments, patient advocacy and patient/family communications.  She also takes pride in helping other staff members and keeping the spirits high in the unit.  But no matter what she’s doing, she always takes care of her No. 1 priority — making sure her patients have everything they need.  

We’re very close-knit here — We help each other a lot. The patients and families see that, and they feel better.
“I’ve learned never to underestimate the power we have to help a patient or a family member who is troubled,” she says. “Nothing is too small. We want every day to matter to them, so it matters to us. It’s a good day when we know we’ve made a difference.” 

As always, Courtney’s goal is to get her patients healthy enough to go home, and she knows she’s done her job when patients talk about the excellent care they got at Maryvale — even without anyone asking. 

“When patients leave, they always tell us how accommodating we were, and what great care they got. They tell other people about us, even though those people hopefully will never be in the ICU! Making that human connection — that makes it all worthwhile.”