How MAKOplasty Helped Me Get Back To My Active Lifestyle

Sharon Torcivia, Ortho Patient at Abrazo Arrowhead Campus

sharonSharon was a tennis player and runner who enjoyed hiking with her husband before her knee pain grew so bad she had to stop. Eventually Sharon worried whether or not her knee would even support her.

“It was painful,” said Sharon. “I had no idea if it was going to stabilize me if I took a step, so I was very apprehensive.”

When the pain became unbearable, she talked to Dr. Shane Martin and they decided MAKOplasty partial knee replacement surgery was the right choice. Within a few days of the surgery, Sharon was out walking with her husband.  

“It was just a matter of three to four weeks before I was back at boot camp doing all of the normal moves,” says Sharon. “I kind of slid right back into it really easy and then hiking the mountain again and riding my bike again. Just eliminating the fear factor of falling – It made all the difference in the world.”

Sharon believes that the MAKOplasty difference has been key to her recovery.

“A total knee replacement could have been an option, but the fact that there’s MAKOplasty, the procedure is a lot less invasive, so it was a much better option for me,” says Sharon.

“No worries now about taking steps!”