​Our Orthopedic Stories

Ann’s Orthopedic Story

Ann Brandt-Williams worried that severe back pain meant she would have to give up hiking and traveling. New robotic spinal surgery has helped her get back into motion.

Rick’s Orthopedic Story

​After a car accident left him paralyzed from the neck down, Rick works hard with Abrazo Central Campus therapists to learn to walk again.

Samantha’s Orthopedic Story

After fracturing vertebrae in her neck, Samantha Townsend worried that she wouldn’t be able to walk, feed herself or finish her college degree. An  Abrazo Central Campus nurse who recovered from a similar neck injury, inspired her to walk again and keep moving forward. 

Sharon’s Orthopedic Story

For an active person like Sharon, nothing was as frustrating as being sidelined by knee pain. A few days after minimally invasive knee surgery, she was back out walking with her husband.