Our Heart and Vascular Stories

Andy's Vascular Story

When his grapefruit-sized aneurysm ruptured, Andy Hassler was airlifted 70 miles to get advanced care at Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital. 

Kay's Heart Story

New cardiac procedure means Kay Rodrick able to breathe without an oxygen tank.  

Kevin's Vascular Story

For over 30 years, Kevin Dunmire of El Mirage suffered from recurrent episodes of Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Krister's Heart Story

An avid biker, Krister woke up one morning with pain in his shoulder. Five minutes after walking through the doors at Abrazo Peoria Emergency Center, he had a massive heart attack.

Linda's Heart Story

Linda Curry was driving her daughter home when she fell unconscious at the wheel without any warning signs. Linda didn’t have a pulse and was experiencing a full cardiac arrest.

Mike’s Heart Story

Mike Collier was on a daily walk with his dog when his leg began to cramp severely. A massive blood clot was putting his life at risk.

Michelle’s Heart Story

Mother gives heartfelt thank you to first responders and hospital staff for saving her life

Ray’s Heart Story

After surviving a heart attack, Ray Bornert is making the most of his second chance at life. He has replaced his favorite donuts, bacon and fast-food burgers with healthier food choices.  He’s happy to be able to spend time with his loved ones.

Ronald’s Heart Story

Ronald Felstead's hiking buddies performed CPR after he suddenly collapsed and firefighters took him to Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital for treatment.

Vincent's Heart Story

Sometimes a funny feeling is the only warning sign you get. For Vincent Smalls, a morning jog changed his life.

Tommy’s Heart Story

Tommy Dee was one of the first Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital patients to have the new dissolvable heart stent implanted to treat his heart disease.