Lymphedema Reduction & Management

If you’ve undergone certain surgery for the removal of lymph nodes, you may develop a painful swelling of the upper arm or body called lymphedema

Lymphedema is an abnormal accumulation of high protein fluid in an area of the body. Caused by an impairment in the function of lymph vessels and/or lymph nodes, symptoms include swelling, changes in skin and tissue texture, and vulnerability to infection.

You may be at risk for lymphedema if you have had:

  • Cancer treatment that involved surgical removal of lymph nodes and/or radiation
  • Any surgery that cut through major lymph vessels
  • Family members with a history of swelling
  • Long-standing problems with your veins
  • Injuries resulting in long-lasting swelling
  • Repeated skin infections

But there is help for lymphedema. We have certified lymphedema and occupational therapists who can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation and tailored plan to help you manage it over the long term.

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