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Your heart is your engine. If it stops working properly, you feel exhausted, uncomfortable and frustrated. You could even land in the emergency room with a heart attack.  But getting your heart in shape is easier than you may realize. The right heart treatments can vastly improve your quality of life, helping you breathe easier, move faster and feel younger, often without major surgery or long hospital stays. At our specialty hospital, Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital, our dedicated institutes provide personalized treatment of abnormal heart rhythm along with aortic,  congestive heart, coronary artery, valvular and vascular diseases. You'll find that at our hospitals, we spend a considerable amount of time on the study, understanding and excellence of heart care. That focus has led to better outcomes and a better experience for our patients.

Health Fact:

25% - The portion of total American deaths caused by heart disease.

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Know your heart disease risk

If you’re curious about your likelihood for heart disease, take the coronary artery disease risk assessment quiz to learn more about your risk factors.


See our list of Specialty Services below:

Absorbable Heart Stent

The new stent is similar to dissolving sutures and is expected to absorb entirely in about three years, letting the restored artery pulse and flex naturally - something it just couldn't do with the metal stents.

Cardiac Rehab

What you do after a heart procedure can be as important for you as the procedure itself. We're here to help you, even after you've left the hospital.

Chest Pain Centers

Find the closest Chest Pain Center to you.

Open Heart Surgery

We’ve performed thousands of open-heart surgeries, which is one reason The Joint Commission ranks us among the best places in the nation for heart attack, heart failure and surgical care.

Cardiac Catheterization

If you have a heart problem, open-heart surgery should be the last resort. That’s why we always start by determining whether your condition can be diagnosed and treated through a minimally invasive treatment.

Electrophysiology (EP)

Have you ever felt like you’re heart is beating too fast or too slow? There may be a problem with your heart's electrical system.

Going the Extra Mile