Your brain is who you are.

Your brain and central nervous system control every thought and movement. They store your lifetime of knowledge and memories. If you experience a stroke, head injury or central nervous system disease like multiple sclerosis, you can have trouble moving, speaking, even remembering who you are or what your family looks like. Keep hold of who you are with a fast response from expert neurologists. We can offer a chance for recovery. Talk to a neurological expert and learn how to protect yourself.

Take control of your mind and body.

Every year, nearly 800,000 Americans suffer a stroke. Almost 85 percent survive, thanks to the quick responses of doctors like the ones in our primary stroke centers. But strokes can cause lasting brain damage that affects your ability to live a normal life. And while stroke is a common cause of neurological problems, it’s not the only one. Brain injury from an accident and conditions like epilepsy, movement disorders and multiple sclerosis can prevent your brain from properly communicating with your body. Take control of your mind and body with advanced neurological diagnostics, procedures and rehabilitation.

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Health Fact:

5.3 million - The number of Americans who currently live with disabilities from brain injury.

I’m so grateful for Abrazo Central Campus. It’s only by the grace of God and the skills of the surgeons that I’m here. I’m alive with all of my faculties.’
Andrea Gragg had an aneurysm repaired in the Abrazo Central Campus biplane neurovascular suite.

A second chance at life.

Edward Cerninka spent 30 years painting houses in the Phoenix historic district. Thanks to Dr. Marco Marsella and the BrainPath surgical tool used at Abrazo Central Campus, not even a brain tumor could stop him from doing what he loves.

“With this NICO BrainPath technology, we may approach tumors that were considered hard to remove or whose resection would pose a high intraoperative risk,’’ said Neurosurgeon Marco Marsella who is the only Arizona physician trained to use the NICO BrainPath device.

“It was a miracle surgery,” Edward says. “I still can’t believe that a tumor the size of a golf ball was in my head! And that I was well enough to go home just two days after having my brain tumor removed.”

NICO BrainPath - A Less Invasive Brain Surgery

See our list of Specialty Services below:


We offer patients a less-invasive surgical option using NICO BrainPath to remove deep brain tumors. This sophisticated tool enables our neurosurgeons to navigate between the natural folds and neural structures in the brain without cutting or damaging anything else in its path.


We can help you discover the cause of your seizures, and if you have epilepsy, work with you to find a treatment plan that helps you manage your condition.

Movement Disorders

If you’re dealing with Parkinson’s disease, restless leg syndrome, tics or any other movement disorder, you know how seriously they can impact your life. We can help.

Multiple Sclerosis

Not much is known about the causes of multiple sclerosis, but there are still steps you can take to diagnose and manage the condition.


Abrazo performs both operative and non-operative treatment of conditions that affect your nervous systems.

Spinal Surgery

Our team includes a wide range of specialists who may help with the treatment of spinal cord injuries, from neurologists and neurosurgeons to physical therapists and psychologists.

Stroke Care

With a stroke, time and experience matter the most. We’re obsessed with them, and it can make all the difference for your recovery.