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The Abrazo Scottsdale Campus Bariatric Wellness Institute is designed to be a one-stop-care for understanding the ins and outs of bariatric surgery. We’ll provide help in arranging medical evaluations and doctors' appointments. And the resource center will help you find answers to your questions about bariatric weight loss.


Join our bariatric surgeon for an informative session about weight loss surgery. Get answers to important questions about surgical weight loss procedures, preparation and recovery. Take the next step in taking control of your health.

Sign up for a free monthly online class/seminar. Dates and times will be posted soon. Please check back or contact our Program Coordinator at 1-877-934-9355.

Ask Your Program Coordinator Questions

Your ​Program Coordinator can answer your questions about a bariatric diagnosis, treatment options and test results, as well as help you complete your forms and manage appointments. Your Program Coordinator can explain what you can expect to experience in the hospital and how recovery will be at home.

Contact your Program Coordinator at 1-877-934-9355.

Patent Forms

If you have been a patient of the Abrazo Scottsdale Campus you may not need to complete the patient forms. Please contact ​us at 1-877-934-9355 to assist you.

Health Library

When thinking about your health, you’ll likely have questions. Because you should have as much information as you need to get comfortable with the bariatric choices in front of you, we offer the Health Library as your one-stop resource. 

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