Elective Procedures

Your Safe Care Is Our Priority

Hospital Safety

At Abrazo Health, our mission is to deliver high quality and compassionate care. During this challenging time, Abrazo hospitals continue to evaluate hospital capacity on a daily basis to continue providing our community with access to care consistent with guidance from ADHS and CDC. We continue to monitor our operations and adapt protocols to ensure the safety of our patients, providers and staff. Every precaution is being taken, combining infection prevention processes, training, testing and supply of personal protective equipment. The following resources are in place:

  • Screening all who enter the hospital
  • Social distancing for all staff and providers in common areas
  • Separate care pathways for potential or confirmed COVID-19 patients
  • Universal masking for all caregivers and staff, and patients are offered masks to wear when any caregiver enters the room
  • COVID-19 testing capabilities
  • Ample inventory and supply resources of protective personal equipment
  • Heightened infection prevention policies across all sites of care and increased frequency of sanitation in common and high-touch areas

We continuously monitor our operations in compliance with CDC, CMS and state of Arizona COVID-19 guidance and adjust measures to ensure the safety of our patients, physicians and staff.

Preparing for a Procedure

  • When your surgeon determines an elective surgical procedure needs to be scheduled, their office will notify the hospital who will begin the scheduling process to include preadmission testing.
  • A preadmission nurse will contact you to obtain your health information, provide preoperative education and schedule a COVID-19 test at the hospital within 7 days of your surgery/procedure. You will be guided through the process step-by-step when the preadmission nurse calls to schedule the appointment.
  • The preadmission nurse will collect the COVID-19 test specimen for processing. After the test results are received, you will only be contacted by the physician office if the test is positive and your procedure will be rescheduled. If your procedure is determined to be emergent or urgent, we are able to safely accommodate in our procedural areas. Determination will be based on medical judgement.
  • The COVID-19 test is performed either via the nostril or an oral swab inserted in the back of the throat. The collection of the sample will take about 30 minutes for the test collection process from start to finish.

Day of Procedure Safety

What does "separating" COVID and non-COVID patients mean?

Potential COVID patients are isolated in areas designated for COVID care. Their pathway through the hospital is highly monitored and limited. In addition, all staff wear CDC recommended PPE including masks and eye protection, we frequently clean spaces, visitors are restricted and we practice social distancing. Visitors are restricted from entering the facilities.

How does the hospital ensure potential COVID-19 patients are being identified?

Rigorous screening and patient COVID-19 risk stratification protocols are in place. All patients that have scheduled elective care are tested multiple days in advance. Those with a positive COVID test result will have care postponed. All patients arriving at the hospital for emergent care are screened prior to entry. If an arriving patient has symptoms of COVID-19, they are isolated and tested.

What steps does the hospital take for infection prevention?

Hospital staff are well trained and experienced in managing infectious diseases. The hospital has provided universal masking for all in the building as well as following CDC PPE recommendations, increased cleaning, and supply of protective personal equipment. All hospital staff are screened, including a temperature check, every time they enter the building.

COVID-19 & Testing

Why do I need to be tested for COVID-19 prior to my procedure?

We are following state guidelines to ensure that patients can safely access care.

What does the test entail?

The COVID-19 test is performed either via the nostril or an oral swab inserted in the back of the throat. It will take about 30 minutes for the testing process from start to finish. You will be guided through the process step-by-step when you receive a call to schedule the appointment.

How will I get the results of my COVID test and how soon will the results be available?

The hospital staff will contact you with the results typically within 48-72 hours if you have a positive test result. We require results by 3 p.m. the day before your procedure or we will need to reschedule your procedure if it is not urgent. (This excludes scheduled C-sections and inductions.)

Payment Options

Your Health Comes First

We have a flexible patient payment plan to support patients and their loved ones during this challenging time. Access to safe, high-quality care should be the priority.

Up to 36 Months to Pay. $25/Month Minimum Payment.

Payment plans are available for most treatments and procedures. Unexpected or planned. Elective or required.

No Fees or Interest

Our Payment Plan Agreement option provides flexibility to pay the costs for your hospital visit with zero-interest, an APR of 0% and no application, membership or annual fees.

Convenient and simple

We provide the ability to tailor monthly payments to your preferences including selecting the day of the month and setting up automatic, reoccurring payments.


Questions about the payment plans, financial estimates or financial assistance programs? Please call 877-932-9355 for more details.