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Our Services

Accredited Chest Pain Center

When you’re having chest pains, you need help fast. Abrazo Arrowhead Campus is an accredited Chest Pain Center, which means that we have a proven record of fast response times and strong recoveries when patients come to us with heart attacks.

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Breastfeeding classes

Free breastfeeding classes are offered to expectant mothers who are 28 weeks or more pregnant and are going to deliver at Abrazo Arrowhead Campus.  During the 30-minute classes, mothers will learn the basic skills to confidently begin breastfeeding. Topics include how to wake a sleepy baby, normal newborn feeding behaviors, positioning/latching and how to tell if the baby is getting enough. This is a good learning opportunity for women who haven’t decided if they will breast feed or bottle feed their baby. The classes can be scheduled before or after the expectant mother’s visit. To schedule to attend a class, please contact Judy Oliver, lactation consultant, at 623-561-7485 or

​da Vinci® Robotic Surgery 

Get one of the most technologically advanced surgeries possible from one of the world’s leading robotic surgery experts. As a da Vinci® Robotic Surgery Epicenter, Abrazo Arrowhead Campus is one of only 10 locations in the country that trains doctors how to use this cutting-edge system.

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Emergency & Trauma

Get expert emergency care with shorter wait times at Abrazo Arrowhead Campus’s Emergency Department, where we make every effort to see patients within 30 minutes. Don't want to wait? Schedule an appointment using our free online check-in system

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Heart Care

From the life-saving response times of our chest pain center to preventative care in our advanced cath labs, you can get the heart care you need from the expert cardiovascular specialists at Abrazo Arrowhead Campus. In addition, Arrowhead’s Heart Murmur Clinic features the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedure, a minimally invasive alternative to open heart surgery.  Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital, a satellite of Abrazo Arrowhead Campus, has served as a leading hospital for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases where it is a matter of the heart and vascular system for patients across the state since 1998.

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Problems with your heart’s electrical system can lead to life-threatening arrhythmias, atrial fibrillation, and palpitations. We offer electrophysiology suites staffed by cardiologists who specialize in electrophysiology. This combination of technology and experience can help you get your life back into the right rhythm.

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Mother & Newborn

Our mother and newborn staff will guide you through every stage of your pregnancy, from conception to delivery and postpartum help with breastfeeding. Our private postpartum rooms offer a relaxing place to bond with your newborn.  If your newborn needs extra attention, Abrazo Arrowhead Campus also has a complete Special Care Nursery for specialized neonatal care. Through a new service, laborists who are board-certified OB physicians are on-site to ensure that women in labor have access to the care they need, as they need it. 

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Lauren's Women's Health Story

Lauren and baby

Lauren Tafoya became the first baby born at Abrazo Arrowhead Campus in 1988. Nearly 28 years later, she returned to the hospital to give birth to her son.

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Special Care Nursery

Giving birth to a sick or premature baby is incredibly difficult for any parent. If you give birth to a baby who needs extra medical attention, your baby will go from the delivery room directly to our Special Care Nursery. This is our intensive care unit designed especially for our tiniest patients, with high-tech incubators and monitoring systems to keep them warm and safe, and round-the-clock care from a team of doctors and nurses who specialize in treating newborns. 

What if your baby is born early? At our Special Care Nursery, we care for babies  as young as 28 weeks gestation. We offer enhanced services including a neonatology staff who is there for your baby 24 hours a day. If your baby requires an even higher level of care, we can transport your baby to a tertiary center. We understand that having a child in the Special Care Nursery can be overwhelming, and we’ll do everything we can to ease your worries.  

Why might your baby need special care?

The most common reasons babies are admitted to the Special Care Nursery are:

  • Premature birth 
  • Low birth weight less than 5.5 pounds
  • Being born with a medical condition, like a heart problem or infection, that requires special treatment.

Twins, triplets and other multiples often need to spend time in the Special Care Nursery as well, because they are more likely to arrive earlier and weigh less than single birth babies.

Who will care for your baby in the Special Care Nursery?

If your newborn needs treatment or observation in the Special Care Nursery, you and your baby will have access to a wide variety of specialists, including:
  • Neonatologists
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Dietitians
  • Lactation consultants
  • Pharmacists
  • Social workers
  • Hospital chaplains


Whether your joint pain is the result of age or injury, our orthopedic specialists have the equipment and the expertise to get you back on your feet. We’re the only hospital in the state offering Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System for orthopedic spinal surgeries. We were the first Arizona hospital to  offer MAKOplasty total hip replacement and are the only one in the west valley to offer partial knee replacement robotic surgery, with industry-leading orthopedic surgeons dedicated to providing minimally invasive solutions to your joint problems.

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Stroke & Vascular Care

Our Primary Stroke Center is certified by The Joint Commission (TJC). This distinction means we meet strict criteria in providing fast responses and deliver the best possible outcomes for our stroke patients. 

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Rehabilitation Services

Experience a personalized rehabilitation program that helps you build strength and confidence. Our Rehabilitation Services department is accredited by The Joint Commission (TJC) and offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy for inpatients and outpatients.

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Women's Health & Wellness Care

Mammography (Screening & Diagnostic) 
At Abrazo Arrowhead Campus, we offer the latest in digital mammography technology. Digital technology can extend the power and reach of your care, conserve time and help improve patient outcomes. We make it easy to schedule your annual mammogram appointment working in conjunction with your doctor in order to receive your prescription. Your physician can also let you know the results within 24-48 hours. To schedule an appointment, call 623-561-7260 or 623.561.7170.