Abrazo West Campus

See our hospital in action

We can talk all day about all the services we offer, but actions speak louder than words. Here are a few videos that show Abrazo West Campus in action. 

What You Can Expect at Abrazo West Campus

As a patient at Abrazo West Campus, you can expect that what is important to you is important to us.
—Comfort Ugadigbo, RN

Our Services

Accredited Chest Pain Center

When you’re having chest pains, you need fast, effective care, close to home. Abrazo West Campus’s designation as an Accredited Chest Pain Center tells you that we have fast response times and significantly improved recovery rates for heart attack patients.

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Diagnostic Imaging

Get a complete picture of what is causing your health issue with cutting-edge diagnostic imaging, such as MRI scans and Ultrasounds. Our services are typically available with little or no wait, and we get results to your doctor’s office quickly so you can start treatment fast.

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Emergency Care

Get emergency care at one of the one of “America’s Best Hospitals for Emergency Care.” And now you can avoid a long wait at the ER thanks’ to our online check-in system, which allows you to check in and wait at home for emergency room visits.

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Heart Care

Whether you come to our emergency department with chest pains, or you need treatment to help prevent a heart attack, you can find everything from diagnostic tests to heart surgery and cardiac rehabilitation at Abrazo West Campus’s cardiovascular center.

Arizona Department of Health Services CPR guide

Arizona Department of Health Services CPR video

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Mother & Newborn Care

Deciding where to have your baby is an important decision. At Abrazo West Campus, you’ll find large, comfortable private birthing suites, with an attentive and caring staff to see you through your prenatal care, delivery and recovery.

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Orthopedic Services

Whether it’s caused by injury, overuse or age, joint pain is not something you have to live with. With a wide variety of orthopedic procedures and rehabilitation services, Abrazo West Campus can get you moving again.

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Primary Stroke Center

Stroke recovery depends on fast action by qualified people. As a Primary Stroke Center certified by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association and The Joint Commission, Abrazo West Campus meets the highest standards for stroke care. That means you the treatment you need, as fast as possible.

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Rehabilitation Services

Recovery can take time after you’ve had surgery or been treated for an injury, but a comprehensive rehab program help you recover as quickly as possible. At Abrazo West Campus, our physical and occupational therapists evaluate your rehabilitation needs and design a program specifically for you.

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The first three words in our mission statement are ‘to help people.’ We continue to expand our services to meet the needs of our community. 
—Stan Holm, CEO

Surgical Services

From joint replacement and open-heart surgery, to gynecological and ENT procedures, you’ll find a full range of surgical services at Abrazo West Campus

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Trauma Care Center 

If you’re critically injured and need immediate, you shouldn’t have to travel outside of West Valley for treatment. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to offer that care to our community with our new Level 1 Trauma Center. Advanced equipment, diagnostics and expertise means we’re ready to treat even the most severe injuries, right away.

The credentials to prove it

Every hospital says it's the best. The best care. The best doctors. The most compassionate. We measure ourselves in outcomes and recognition. Abrazo West Campus has a Level 1 Trauma Center certification. What does that mean? In the terms that matter to you, it means we are able to provide the highest level of surgical care to trauma patients from the moment they pass through our doors, 24 hours a day. We ran more than 70 mock drills, 24 hours a day for 17 days prior to opening to ensure that no matter the situation, our patients are in experienced hands. If you have to visit an ER in any of our hospitals or emergency centers, we'll be ready for you.  

Around the clock expert care.

Our multidisciplinary trauma team is trained to provide around-the-clock expert medical care to these patients in complex emergency situations.’’ said Tiffiny Strever,  Abrazo West Campus’s Trauma Program  Manager. “In addition to experienced trauma staff and board-certified physicians, there were more than 50 surgical specialists added to the staff practicing in areas including orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, facial surgery, hand surgery, cardiovascular surgery, ophthalmology and general surgery.

Women’s Health

From family planning to breast health, you can find compassionate staff that understands the unique needs of women.

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Wound Care

If you have chronic wounds that won’t heal, you may need specialized care to get better. Our Wound Care Center offers advanced treatment and techniques for wounds that are resistant to healing. 

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