Senior Track ER

Abrazo Maryvale Campus has three Senior Track Emergency Department bays specially designed for the comfort of our older patients. A team of specially trained healthcare professionals in the Emergency Department tends to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our elderly patients. 

Senior Track emergency bays are designed for those with hearing and vision impairments. Features include:

  • Large-faced, easy-to-read clocks
  • Softer lighting and soothing color schemes
  • Thicker specialty mattresses for comfort and to help reduce pressure on the skin
  • Non-glare flooring and handrails

Specialized training to care for elderly patients

We focus on the safety and management of geriatric conditions. A multi-disciplinary team of clinicians, physicians, nurses, dieticians, therapists, social workers and pharmacists have specialized training in geriatric care, enabling them to use screening tools and provide comprehensive treatment for our elderly patients. Training focusing on the aging effects on body systems and special needs was adopted from the American Geriatrics Society, in conjunction with the American College of Emergency Physicians, the Emergency Nurses Association and the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine. In addition, Abrazo Maryvale Campus provides continuing education for Emergency Medical Services personnel to enhance their knowledge of the care and transportation of geriatric patients. 

Our Senior Track bays were created to reduce anxiety and promote healing while providing compassionate care. Our goal is to help seniors return to the right care setting when they are released from the hospital to reduce the chances that they will end up back in the Emergency Department due to a health crisis.