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Advancing the treatment of your heart

You may have been born with a heart defect. Or maybe you developed an abnormality of the heart over time. Either way, structural heart disease doesn’t just interrupt the natural flow of blood through your body. It also disrupts the natural flow of your life.

Gone are the days when open-heart surgery might have been your only option to repair your heart’s valves and chambers. Today, the cardiac specialists at Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital’s Institute for Valvular Diseases are skilled at embracing the latest technology to care for your heart in the least invasive and most effective ways possible.

Your personalized treatment plan

Whether you suffer from conditions like Atrial Septal Defect (ASD), which can cause heart palpitations, exercise intolerance and fatigue, or you’re experiencing complications resulting from previous heart surgeries, such as a paravalvular leak, your heart is our top priority at the ​Institute for Valvular Diseases.  

Your team of physicians and trained medical staff at the Institute for Valvular Diseases have access to the most technologically advanced treatment options available. Together, you will create a personalized treatment plan with techniques that may include:

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) — It is now possible to implant a replacement valve through a small incision near the femoral artery, eliminating the need for a large chest incision. The TAVR procedure could mean fewer complications, less blood loss and a faster recovery time for you.

MitraClip — If you are a high-risk surgical patient suffering from mitral valve regurgitation, this advanced procedure can be effective at reducing your disease in a safer and less invasive way.

Each and every patient at the Institute for Valvular Diseases is unique. You may experience no symptoms, or you may find it nearly impossible to live a normal life. That’s why we don’t just treat your heart — we treat the whole you with comprehensive, compassionate care to improve your heart and your life.

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