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February is American Heart Month, which means this is a great time to focus on the engine that keeps your body running. Despite advancements in modern healthcare, heart disease remains the number one killer of men and women in the U.S. Sign up for 28 Days of Heart Smarts, and receive tips and info to maintain your healthy heart.

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During 28 Days of Heart Smarts, we’re giving you a whole month’s worth of free tips and valuable educational material on how you can keep your heart healthy. 

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Instead of telling you about foods you can’t have, we’re giving you delicious, heart-healthy recipes that you’ll look forward to eating.

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Your heart is a muscle. It’s the driving force that powers your whole body. Exercise and strength training are essential to a healthy heart and getting the most out of life. 28 Days of Heart Smarts will deliver easy tips for a stronger heart at any age.