Price Estimate

We know healthcare choices are not always simple. That’s why our financial counselors are ready to provide you a personalized hospital cost estimate and help you navigate your financial options – including our own no-fee payment plan.

Every patient we treat is unique. To get you the most accurate cost estimate, we will need information about your plan coverage and your treatment options. Here is the path to get you the cost estimate you’re looking for:

Step 1: Collect Your Treatment Plan Details

Contact your doctor’s office and let them know you need detailed information to be able to get a cost estimate from our financial counselor. Please collect the following information from them:
  • Surgeon name: if you are having surgery, what is your surgeon’s name?
  • Diagnosis and treatment plan: details about the specific your specific diagnosis, and the services your doctor has recommended (the more details the better)
  • Expected length of your stay at the hospital: Does your doctor expect your treatment to be performed on an outpatient basis with no overnight stay? If you will be admitted as an inpatient, how many days are you expected to stay?
If you do not have a doctor or surgeon, go to step 2.

Step 2: Collect Your Insurance Plan Details

Your costs will depend on the coverage your insurance plan provides, and your specific status (for example, whether or not you have reached your deductible limit). For that reason, we need you to have this information ready when you call:
  • Plan information: please have your insurance card in front of you when you call, since we will need the name of your insurance (or governmental plan) provider, the type of policy, the name of the primary policy holder, group name and group number, policy number, and the plan’s customer service phone number
  • Personal information: we may need to provide your personal information to the plan provider to be able to get your personalized quote. For this, we will need the name, birth date and social security number of the person who is the primary insurance policy holder. We keep all personal information confidential.

Step 3: Give Our Financial Counselors a Call at (833) 850-5052 

Once you have your treatment plan and insurance plan details in front of you, call our financial counselors at (833) 850-5052. During this call, your financial counselor will work with you to provide the most accurate estimate of your expected hospital costs, and calculate your expected financial obligation by based on your specific insurance benefits. You can also learn more about our payment plan.

Step 4: Make Your Plans

Now that you know your hospital cost estimate, it’s time to do something about it. Ask our financial counselors about setting up a monthly payment plan, which helps to make out-of-pocket costs even more affordable.

Still have questions about your treatment options?

Let your doctor know, and ask to speak to a patient who has had a similar procedure to understand what to expect.

When you’re ready to move forward with your procedure, contact your doctor’s office to schedule the date and time. We want to serve you and hope you will select our facility for services.