Advanced Technology for Enhanced Precision

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Precision

Mako_Total_Knee1_250And even better news for those suffering from joint pain. One more way we’re invested in your quality of life.

To help orthopedic surgeons perform total or partial hip or knee replacement with even greater accuracy and precision, [[MAKO Value Prop]] This technology can provide a 3-D model of each patient’s unique anatomy allowing doctors to create a custom treatment plan based on the individual’s condition.

The Mako® system features a robotic-arm to assist surgeons in reaching smaller areas during joint replacement surgery. Plus, your orthopedic surgeon can resurface or replace your joint with precision not previously available. Greater precision can often lead to a better functioning and longer-lasting joint, as well as increased patient satisfaction, reduced recovery time and less pain.

The surgeon-controlled Mako® robotic platform for the hip and knee is just one of the ways [[Hospital Name]] is committed to advanced technology and enhanced patient experiences and outcomes.

So you can get back to enjoying life.

Mako® Partial knee, Total knee and Total hip replacements are covered by Medicare and most other insurers.