Abrazo Transitional Year Residency Faculty

Core Faculty

Paden Hendrickson, MD
Core Faculty
Photo of Paden Hendrickson, MD
Leslie Easley, DO
Associate Program Director
Photo of Leslie Easley, DO
Michael Castro, MD
Associate Program Director
Photo of Michael Castro, MD
William Arnold, MD
Core Faculty
Photo of William Arnold, MD
Debora McClary, MD
Core Faculty
Photo of Debora McClary, MD

Class of 2022

Matthew S. Ballard, MD
Photo of Matthew S. Ballard, MD
Merideth E. Byl, DO
Photo of Merideth E. Byl, DO
Joshua Coleman, DO
Photo of Joshua Coleman, DO
Denton E. Connor, MD
Photo of Denton E. Connor, MD
Taylor M. Drake, MD
Photo of Taylor M. Drake, MD
Anjana Patel, MD
Photo of Anjana Patel, MD
Daniel L. Heinze, DO
Photo of Daniel L. Heinze, DO
Zainab Jafri, DO
Photo of Zainab Jafri, DO
Alexis R. Motz, MD
Photo of Alexis R. Motz, MD
Miles A. Orantia, DO
Photo of Miles A. Orantia, DO
Christine T. Pham, MD
Photo of Christine T. Pham, MD
Andrew Russell Cheung, DO
Photo of Andrew Russell Cheung, DO
Seth K. Stubblefield, DO
Photo of Seth K. Stubblefield, DO

Abrazo Transitional Year Residency Program