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Rebecca Young, MD

Hi there! I am a native Arizonan and am therefore thrilled to have the privilege to continue training in my home state. As a young adult, my path to medicine took several detours. I was determined to explore various careers, which resulted in taking more than 7 years to complete my undergraduate degree in Psychology at ASU. During this time I was working in numerous fields such as accounting/bookkeeping, school psychology, and rental home management. It wasn’t until my last semester of undergraduate when I happened to stumble upon a scribe job in a local emergency department, that I finally knew that I found my passion! I was completely exhilarated witnessing the immediate impact physicians had on their patients’ lives within emergency medicine and by the end of my third shift as a scribe, I had made the decision to sign up for the MCAT. I was later accepted into the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix and despite exploring various other specialties, I kept coming back to the feelings of fit and being “at home” in emergency medicine. I am excited to be joining such a diverse and passionate group of co-residents and to be able to continue to serve my local communities in my home state of Arizona.

Outside of medicine, I have varied interests including furniture creation and repair. I have a habit of taking in broken furniture that most would deem destined for the trash and refurbish them into beautiful, usable pieces. My home is full of these pieces including two dressers and a TV stand. I even built my own desk during my second year of medical school. I can also be found at Goodwill stores treasure hunting for old CD/LPs that I can add to my collection of over 250 CDs, 25 LPs of various genres including rock (psychedelic, metal, indie, prog), blues, jazz, soundtrack, electronic, etc.

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