Abrazo Emergency Medicine Residency Faculty & Residency

Leonard Yontz, MD
EMS Director
Photo of Leonard Yontz, MD
Dr. Katherine Duncan
Abrazo Scottsdale Campus Medical Director Obesity Medicine
Photo of Dr. Katherine Duncan
Wayne Martini, MD
Simulation Director & Associate Ultrasound Director
Photo of Wayne Martini, MD
Seth K. Stubblefield, DO
Photo of Seth K. Stubblefield, DO
Andrew Russell Cheung, DO
Photo of Andrew Russell Cheung, DO
Christine T. Pham, MD
Photo of Christine T. Pham, MD
Miles A. Orantia, DO
Photo of Miles A. Orantia, DO
Alexis R. Motz, MD
Photo of Alexis R. Motz, MD
Zainab Jafri, DO
Photo of Zainab Jafri, DO
Daniel L. Heinze, DO
Photo of Daniel L. Heinze, DO
Anjana Patel, MD
Photo of Anjana Patel, MD
Taylor M. Drake, MD
Photo of Taylor M. Drake, MD
Denton E. Connor, MD
Photo of Denton E. Connor, MD
Joshua Coleman, DO
Photo of Joshua Coleman, DO
Merideth E. Byl, DO
Photo of Merideth E. Byl, DO
Matthew S. Ballard, MD
Photo of Matthew S. Ballard, MD

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If you have questions about the Emergency Medicine Residency Program at Abrazo Health Network, please contact our residency coordinator.

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