Abrazo Emergency Medicine Residency Faculty & Residents

Core Faculty

Matthew N. Graber, MD PhD
  • Program Director
Photo of Matthew N. Graber, MD PhD
Jason Black, DO
  • Associate Program Director
Photo of Jason Black, DO
Meena Subramanian, MD
  • Director of Medical Students
Photo of Meena Subramanian, MD
Jacob Gerstman, MD
  • Abrazo Heart Site Director
Photo of Jacob Gerstman, MD
Wayne Martini, MD
  • Simulation Director & Associate Ultrasound Director
Photo of Wayne Martini, MD
Joseph Wood, MD JD
  • Ultrasound Director
Photo of Joseph Wood, MD JD

Adjunct Faculty

Kevin Rodriguez, MD
  • Abrazo Arrowhead Resident & Medical Student Site Director
Photo of Kevin Rodriguez, MD
Carrie Hayek, MD
  • Abrazo Central Resident Site Director
Photo of Carrie Hayek, MD
Benjamin Reeser, MD
  • Abrazo Central Site Director
Photo of Benjamin Reeser, MD
Kelsey Mason, DO
  • M&M Director
Photo of Kelsey Mason, DO
Brian Hess, MD
  • Administration Curriculum Director
Photo of Brian Hess, MD


Brian Casillas, MD

University of Iowa

Photo of Brian Casillas, MD
Elizabeth Joachim, MD PhD

University of Illinois - Urbana

Photo of Elizabeth Joachim, MD PhD
Rebecca Young, MD

University of Arizona - Phoenix

Photo of Rebecca Young, MD
Gavin Koenig, MD


Photo of Gavin Koenig, MD
Eileen Francis, MS MD

University of California - Riverside

Photo of Eileen Francis, MS MD
Hayley Young, MD

University of Washington

Photo of Hayley Young, MD


Amy Kristensen, MD

University of Arizona

Photo of Amy Kristensen, MD
Christina Liou, DO

AT Still University

Photo of Christina Liou, DO
Grace Kunas, MD

Georgetown University

Photo of Grace Kunas, MD
Jennifer Fitzgerald, DO

Midwestern University Arizona

Photo of Jennifer Fitzgerald, DO
Matthew Kamer, MD

Medical College of Wisconsin

Photo of Matthew Kamer, MD
Ty Bowman, MD

Ross University

Photo of Ty Bowman, MD

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