Abrazo Emergency Medicine Residency Medical Student Rotations

  • 14 emergency department shifts including one nursing centered shift
  • 1 EMS ride along
  • 1 ultrasound dedicated shift
  • Weekly resident conference
  • Medical student specific conference
  • Monthly Journal Club
  • One medical student case follow-up presentation during conference
  • Interview at rotation’s end for those interested in EM
  • Rotate at multiple Abrazo hospitals for a rounded experience


  • Completed all core clerkships prior to rotation start
  • Have taken step / level 1 of boards
  • Please fill out the application for medical student rotation here https://wvem.org/msclerkship. Your application will go directly to the Medical Student Director for consideration. Please make sure to read over the medical student resource for more information. If you should be approved, I will send you a notice of approval and ask that you work with your school coordinator to send the required paperwork to me.
  • Contact Natasha Brocks, program coordinator for more information

Questions about the Abrazo Emergency Medicine Residency Program?

If you have questions about the Abrazo Emergency Medicine Residency Program, please contact our Residency Coordinator.

Abrazo Emergency Medicine Residency Program