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Medical Student Sub-I Opportunities

Emergency Medicine Sub-I Application

NOTE: At this time we are not offering clerkship rotations for students outside our affiliated institutions, however, we are offering audition rotations for any applicant interested in matching to emergency medicine. VLSO Tips (VSAS)

You will spend 4-weeks rotating through multiple Abrazo emergency departments in the Phoenix valley which will provide a diverse experience of patients, providers, and pathologies. We provide SLOEs as well as automatic consideration for our residency program based on your performance with us. Apply through VLSO

Emergency Medicine Ultrasound

You will spend 4-weeks at different Abrazo emergency departments focusing your time on learning ultrasound. This rotation will offer bedside US teaching as well as access to multiple US resources to provide a solid foundation in point-of-care Ultrasound. Apply through VLSO

Minorities in Medicine (MIM) scholarship

Our program is strongly rooted in the belief that we must play an active role in diversifying medicine. As part of a multi-pronged approach to addressing racial injustice in the healthcare system, we are offering scholarships of $500 to qualified fourth year medical students traveling from outside of Phoenix to rotate with us. Please see application for more details. Minorities in Medicine Scholarship Info

Questions about the Abrazo Emergency Medicine Residency Program?

If you have questions about the Abrazo Emergency Medicine Residency Program, please contact our Residency Coordinator.

Abrazo Emergency Medicine Residency Program