Hospital Trips Seem Intimidating 

Even if you’re not the patient

A trip to the hospital can seem intimidating, even if you’re not the patient. When you’re unsure what’s happening to your loved one—or what will happen next—you may feel helpless or confused. But you are not powerless. Informed, engaged families and visitors can play a big part in the healing process. You know how to make the person you love feel safe, comfortable and well informed. And you can do that best when you know what’s going on. 

Hospital Visit Checklist

Make your loved one’s hospital stay calm and comfortable.

Here are some simple ways to do that:
  • Go to doctor visits before the hospital stay. 
    • Ask questions and take notes. Patients who are newly diagnosed with cancer, for example, tend to remember less than half of what the cancer doctor tells them, one study suggests. The worse the prognosis, the less they remember. 
    • The doctor may also be more attentive to your loved one’s needs when you’re there to show support.
  • Prepare a checklist for the hospital stay. 
    • Ask your loved one what they will need, and offer to pack it for them.
    • Make sure to consult What to Bring/What NOT to Bring and advise your loved one accordingly.
  • Plan a route to the hospital to arrive at the hospital on time or early. 
  • Bring an iPod with headphones so you can play your loved one’s patient’s favorite songs. Music can calm nerves and promote healing. 
  • Pack small, uplifting personal items to decorate the room, such as photographs or children’s drawings.
  • Ask your loved one to help you draw up a list of approved visitors. Stick to the list to ensure your loved one doesn’t feel overwhelmed or caught off guard.
  • Discuss the discharge plan. Ask:
    • Who will take the patient home after surgery?
    • Who will help at home? 
    • What are the children’s after-school schedules? 
    • Who will prepare meals, clean the house, wash the clothes? 
  • Talking through everything in advance will give everyone peace of mind.
  • Set up websites to coordinate communication and scheduling with the patient’s permission:
    • CarePages: Free patient blogs that connect friends and family during health challenges
    • CareCalendar: Scheduling tool for meals and other needs for a patient’s family and friends
  • Learn the names of medical team members and communicate clearly with them. 

If your loved one is in pain, make the staff aware immediately.

  • Before the patient goes home, prepare the house:
    • Make the bed
    • Fill any post-surgery prescriptions and have them ready
    • Stock the house with healthy foods and beverages
    • Keep track of medications and when to take them

Contact us if you or your loved one has any questions. We are available to answer them 24/7, so please do not hesitate to ask. 

Information for Family & Visitors

Baby e-Nursery

Even if you can't make it to the hospital, our Baby e-Nursery allows family and friends to view those first photos of your new arrival.

Chaplain Services

Many of our patients find strength in their faith during trying times. Nondenominational hospital chaplains are available 24 hours a day to visit patients, offer spiritual support, and help your family at the hospital.

Gift Shops

Some flowers and a card can go a long way. Stop by our gift shop on your way in.

Helpful Support Groups

We have listed helpful support groups for your information.

Nearby Hotels & Restaurants

Find out where to stay if you'll be visiting for a while.

Meals To Go

Eating right is important, but it’s not always easy. Meals To Go provides healthy, convenient and affordable meals for you and your family.

Visitor Hours

Find out when you can be by your loved one's side.

Volunteer at Abrazo

If you have a desire to make a difference, becoming a volunteer at Abrazo might be what you've been looking for.

What to Bring/What NOT To Bring

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How Can I Help?

In movies, people always say the right thing. In life, those hopeful words don't always come so easily. The best way you can help a loved one in the hospital is to educate yourself on what they're going through, because they will lean on you for support.