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Tour of Mother & Newborn Care Center - West Campus

These tours help familiarize the expectant mom and her family with all aspects of delivery and the Mother & Newborn Centers. The tours will help familiarize expectant families with the following areas:

- Main Entrance Parking

- Emergency Department Entrance

- Labor and Delivery

- Newborn Nursery

- Postpartum

- Family Waiting Room

Due to RSV season, children are not allowed to attend the tours.

A tour of the Mother & Newborn Center is included with the Prepared Childbirth Class: 2 Week Series.

Only mom to be needs to enroll. It is expected that you will bring a guest.

Please come through the hospital's main, front door, entrance and proceed to the elevators just to the left of the cafeteria. Head up to the second floor and have a seat in the waiting area just outside the Women-Infant Services Unit. One of the nurses will come get you for the tour. Thank you.

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