Volunteer at Abrazo Health

Volunteers play a key role at all Abrazo hospitals, helping out day-to-day and giving patients a sense of community and a personal touch that lets them know their neighbors care. 
If you’d like to serve as an ambassador to patients and visitors, we provide all the necessary training, so all you need to have to be a volunteer is the desire to make a difference. 

There is nothing stronger than the heart & dedication of a volunteer helping others in the community. The volunteer assignments here at Abrazo provide the opportunity for volunteers to make a positive impact on the people we serve daily.

- Barry Worman Abrazo, Market Director of Volunteer Services

Adult Volunteer Opportunities at all Abrazo Hospitals

We have a wide range of volunteer positions in patient-facing and non-patient areas. You can volunteer during the day, in the evening or on the weekends. We will work with your schedule.

Please use the link below to volunteer at all other Abrazo Health locations.

Volunteer at Abrazo Arrowhead 

Volunteer at Abrazo Central 

Volunteer at Abrazo Scottsdale 

Volunteer at Abrazo West 

I get 10 times more out of it than I put in. The patients are very appreciative, and so is the staff. It’s like a family here.

- Richard Carpenter, Volunteer at Abrazo Scottsdale Campus

I Volunteer at the information desk. It is often a busy location, which I like. I love providing relief to stressful faces and seeing that turn into smiles as they leave the desk knowing where to go.

- Marsha Kornegay, Abrazo West , 5 years volunteering

First I was a patient, loved the care I received. Then I moved from Virginia and needed to meet new people. This has given me the opportunity to do that. Thank you Abrazo West for making me a family member. PJ

- PJ Sadowski, Abrazo West, 4 years volunteering

I volunteer because I enjoy meeting and talking with the patients. I have always worked in the Healthcare Profession. When I retired, I had the time to help others, which led me to Abrazo. I can't think of a better reason to get up and out of the house for two mornings a week.

- Max Allen, Abrazo Arrowhead, 9 years volunteering