Nancy's Journey from Patient to Volunteer Story

May 28, 2019

Personal care led patient Nancy Dorr to return to Abrazo Scottsdale Campus as a volunteer

Nancy Dorr, Outpatient & Recovery Volunteer, Abrazo Scottsdale Campus


When Nancy Dorr retired from teaching, she knew she didn’t want to give up her favorite part — working with people. She decided Abrazo Scottsdale Campus was a great place to do that, something she knew from personal experience. 

“I had spent some time at Abrazo Scottsdale Campus as a patient — I’ve had outpatient surgery here, as has my husband, and it was great,” she says. “Plus I knew it was a small setting, so it wouldn’t be too overwhelming.” 

Nancy started at Abrazo Scottsdale Campus in 2009, and last year she worked 374 hours. She floats wherever she is needed, and always puts her communication skills to good use. 

“I work in the recovery room and at the outpatient desk, so I see people both before and after their surgeries, and also their families,” she says. “I communicate between the nurses in the recovery room and the families who are waiting, which really helps everyone.” 

If you've ever had a loved one in the hospital, you know having a point person to keep you updated can give you back a sense of control, and lighten the burden you’re carrying.  

“The families really like having someone tell them what’s going on, and often the nurses are too busy to come out and provide that information,” Nancy says. 

The patients also notice that the people at Abrazo Scottsdale Campus go the extra mile. 

I've had many patients come up to the desk on their way home to tell me what a wonderful experience they had,” she says. “Everyone here is focused on great communication and caring service from start to finish.
The bottom line for Nancy: She believes in the care she’s helping Abrazo Scottsdale Campus provide.

“If people tell me they haven’t had good luck with their health care, I tell them to try us out. Good things happen here.”