Abril's Premature Labor Story

May 28, 2019

Abril Stovall, Abrazo Arrowhead Campus Special Care Nursery


Few things in life make you feel as helpless as being unsure of your child’s future. For Abril Stovall, this uncertainty began long before her daughter was even born. 

A mother of two, Abril had never experienced serious problems with her pregnancies before. Her son was born at 36 weeks but was perfectly healthy when he arrived. With her third baby, Abril knew something was different. 

“I had problems since I was three months along,” Abril remembers. “I had contractions and a lot of morning sickness. The contractions went away, and I got better, but at about 29 weeks, I had some spotting and contractions. And then I started to dilate.”

The staff at Abrazo Arrowhead Campus is so friendly. They explain things to me before I even ask the questions.
Abril went directly to Abrazo Arrowhead Campus, where doctors immediately began treatment to stop her labor. It was successful, and Abril stayed in the hospital for four days before going home. She was on bed rest, but a few weeks later, she went into labor again. She knew exactly where to go. 

“At 33 weeks, I went into premature labor, and I went to Abrazo Arrowhead Campus” she says. “My daughter, Isalin, was born on Sept. 15. She was taken to the NICU for specialized care, and now I visit her twice every day. I can’t wait until Isalin is well enough to come home.”

Isalin is doing well, getting healthier and stronger. She still has some problems, but Abril feels safe because she knows her daughter is getting the specialized care she needs. Having a child in intensive care is tough, but the communication at Arrowhead makes a hard situation a little bit easier.

“As soon as I walk in, everyone is so friendly,” Abril says. “They explain things to me before I even ask the questions. The staff at Abrazo Arrowhead Campus is so great.”