​About ​Our Leadership Teams

 F_Molinaro_ACH-SMOn behalf of our dedicated team members and physicians, I am pleased to welcome you to Abrazo’s website. It is our goal to keep you connected to your own health information, as well as to the latest medical knowledge.

As a leading healthcare provider in Arizona, Abrazo provides quality, compassionate and cost-effective preventative and acute medical services. Our physicians, specialists, surgeons, nurses and other healthcare professionals are highly skilled and dedicated to providing the best possible medical care. We advance health through the continuous pursuit of evidence-based, coordinated care. Our goal is to be your trusted and lifelong partner for health and wellness services.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you and your family, we thank you for your trust, and I personally welcome you to Abrazo.

Best regards to good health,

​Frank Molinaro
Market CEO

Abrazo Community Health Network Leadership Team:
Frank Molinaro, Market Chief Executive Officer; William Ellert, Chief Medical Officer for Tenet's hospitals in Arizona; Kat Rondeau, Chief Business Development Officer for the Western Region including Phoenix Market and Erin Gonzalez, Interim Market Chief Human Resources Officer.
Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital Leadership Team:
​Frank Molinaro, Chief Executive Officer; Ben Locklear, Chief Financial Officer; Gareth Holdstock, Chief Human Resources Officer; and Jennifer Wakem, Associate Chief Financial Officer.
Abrazo Arrowhead Campus Leadership Team:
Frank Molinaro, Chief Executive Officer; Ben Locklear, Chief Financial Officer; Stephen Garner, Chief Operating  Officer; Gareth Holdstock, Chief Human Resources Officer; and Robin Shepherd, Chief Nursing Officer.
Abrazo Maryvale Campus Leadership Team:
Crystal Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer; Julie Hastings-Smith, Chief Financial Officer; Erin Gonzalez, Chief Human Resources Officer; and Susan Kelley, Chief Nursing Officer.
Abrazo Central Campus Leadership Team:
Frank Molinaro, Chief Executive Officer; Paul Hymel, Chief Financial Officer; Dana George, Chief Human Resources Officer; and Jayleen Casano, Chief Nursing Officer.
Abrazo Scottsdale Campus Leadership Team 
David Tupponce, Chief Executive Officer;  Jeff Zyla, Chief Financial Officer; Ricky Russell, Chief Human Resources Officer; and Vicki Huber, Chief Nursing Officer.
Abrazo West Campus Leadership Team: 
Stan Holm, Chief Executive Officer; Asja DiMuria, Chief Financial Officer; Hannah McRae, Associate Chief Financial Officer;  Jeff Dossett, Chief Operating Officer; and Scott Morey, Chief Nursing Officer.