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Preparing for your delivery at Abrazo Healthcare, in Arizona

What to bring to make you feel at home

Though most of your needs will be provided by the staff in Mother & Newborn Care, your stay will be even more comfortable if you remember the following:  

  • Complete online pre-registration at 
  • Select a pediatrician – if you need assistance, call 1-888-3ABRAZO 
  • Enroll in a childbirth education class and schedule a tour – register online at 
  • Bring toiletries (such as toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, makeup, hairbrush), snacks and a change of clothes for your labor & delivery partner 
  • Pack a robe and nightgown that opens to the front, slippers, toiletries, lip balm, nursing or supportive bra, entertainment (books, magazine, music), your photo ID and insurance cards, a change of clothes, and additional pillows (optional)
  • Contacts or glasses
  • Camera, batteries, film
  • Bring an approved infant car seat, receiving blanket and a newborn outfit for your baby’s trip home
  • Completed birth certificate form
Important reminders:

  • Please leave your jewelry and other personal items at home. We cannot be responsible for lost or missing items.
  • If you have children at home, please plan on childcare for them while you are in the hospital.
  • Make sure you have a ride to and from the hospital.
  • Knowing what to expect before your baby is due will help you feel more comfortable when the big day arrives. Make sure to see our nurseries, surgical suites and the type of room you'll be staying in during labor, delivery and recovery.

Arriving at the hospital
If you think you are in labor, go directly to the fourth floor. You'll be taken directly to the OB triage area, where you'll be placed on a fetal monitor to determine if you are truly in labor. If you are, you'll be transferred to a Labor/Delivery Room.
If arriving between the hours of 5am to 8pm, park on the third level parking lot. Take the visitor elevators to the fourth floor.
If arriving between the hours of 8pm to 5am, you will need to park in the Emergency Room parking lot or street level lot and enter through the Emergency Department.

There are a variety of options available to ease your pain during labor and childbirth. If you show signs of anxiety, your doctor may choose to prescribe a sedative or mild tranquilizer. The effects of these mild sedatives usually last four to six hours. Please talk with your doctor about this during pre-natal visits.

After your baby is delivered you and your baby will be taken to your room. Typically, your newborn remains in your room. The nursery is available if your baby needs additional care.

A typical hospital stay is one to two days for a normal vaginal delivery and two to three days for a cesarean birth. During this time, your nurse will help you in your recovery and teach you how to care for your new baby.

Infant security
Security measures are provided to make sure your newborn is safe. Only parents with proper identification bands will be allowed to enter the nursery.

Visitors are always welcome at our Mother & Newborn Center. You may have visits from your family members and friends throughout your labor if you wish. Check with your doctor to see what his or her preferences are for visitors during the actual delivery.

Visitors are also welcome after the baby is born. However, because a newborn's immune system is delicate, we discourage anyone who is showing signs of illness (runny/stuffy nose or sore throat) from visiting. All visitors must wash their hands before holding the new baby. We do not allow children under 13 to visit during winter respiratory season, which is November through March. Please check with your nurse if you have any questions.

Preparing for your delivery at Abrazo Healthcare, in Arizona

Making sure your baby's healthy before birth

Pre-natal visits
It's important for you and your baby's health to keep your appointments with your OB doctor and/or nurse practitioner.

Before your baby is born, tests may be performed to monitor your baby's progress while developing inside of you. Your doctor may order one or more of the following tests:

  • Ultrasound
    Ultrasound imaging is a painless test used to learn a variety of things, including your baby's gestational age (which helps determine the accuracy of your due date), and other characteristics such as weight and sex. It's also helpful in detecting any problems your baby might have. When performing an ultrasound, a paddle is used to convert sound waves from your baby and the walls of your uterus into an image that appears on a video screen.
  • Non-stress test
    Non-stress testing records the baby's heart rate and monitors how well the baby's heart responds to movement. It's also used to learn about your baby's health if you are past your due date. This test is performed by wrapping a belt around your abdomen and recording the results on an electric fetal monitor.

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