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ER physician explains signs, symptoms of heat exhaustion and dehydration

6/22/2011 1:00:00 AM


Excessive heat advisories in summer months lead to increased heat-related illnesses


PHOENIX (June, 22, 2011) – With summer temperatures soaring to 110 degrees and higher in the Valley, it is important that people are aware of signs and symptoms of dehydration and heat exhaustion which, if not treated properly, could lead to very serious and dangerous outcomes. Dr. Andrew Garff, medical director of the Emergency Department at Paradise Valley Hospital, shares tips on avoiding heat-related illnesses and when to seek medical help.


Signs and Symptoms:

  • The first signs of heat-illness include cramps, headache, nausea, and feeling thirsty. Get indoors to a cooler environment, rest, and replenish electrolytes
  • If you experience fainting, go to ER for an evaluation
  • Heat stroke involves a body temperature greater than 105.8, blood pressure can be low; a person may feel confused or not be sweating
  • Patients who are more at risk include infants, elderly, drug users, psychiatric patients, obese population, those with poor fitness, those taking certain medications such as beta-blockers, diuretics, anticholinergics and antidepressants


Tips on Staying Safe:

  • Be aware if you or a loved one falls is categorized as an at risk person for heat-illness 
  • Avoid the most intense heat of day during the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. 
  • Hydrate well with electrolyte solutions if you have to be outside 
  • Be aware of early heat-illness symptoms and get out of heat, go indoors and drink fluids 
  • Never leave children or a pet in the car 
  • Avoid skin contact on black asphalt as exposure to second and third degree burns can happen quickly
  • Do NOT cool loved one in bath at home, you could accidentally cause hypothermia
  • Shivering is your body’s way to cool off. Do not apply blankets as this can increase temperature


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