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Abrazo Health provides a comprehensive approach to preventing, treating and even reversing heart and vascular disease. Using advanced diagnostic technologies, and life-saving therapies, every person we treat experiences an unmatched level of specialty care.

Through collaboration with clinical experts, innovative solutions to surgical care allow conditions like coronary artery and carotid disease, aortic aneurysms and peripheral vascular disorders to be treated less invasively, reducing physical stress and promoting faster recovery.

Should your treatment plan involve surgery or another inpatient procedure requiring hospitalization, specialists are available at all our hospitals to care for you.

The following information describes a few of the many treatment options we offer for heart and vascular disease.

Diagnostic cardiac catheterization services are offered. A small catheter is placed under S-ray and positioned near the coronary arteries. The cardiologist can then take a series of images that assist in diagnosing interruptions in blood flow to the heart muscle. In addition, these diagnostic studies also assist the cardiologist in diagnosing problems the heart may have in general function and pumping ability.

A non-surgical procedure during which the doctor guides a thin, balloon-tipped catheter through the artery to the blockage. The balloon is inflated to decrease the blockage and is then removed, improving blood flow to the heart muscle.

Cardiac catheterization lab
Where tests are done to detect problems with the heart and its blood supply. The cath lab is equipped wit the latest, most advanced digital imaging equipment, which provides superior image resolution in acquisition, processing display, storage and analysis.

Cardiac rehabilitation
Patients receive medically supervised and monitored exercise sessions and lifestyle education to ensure that they continue on the path of recovery.

Cardiac stress testing
The recording of the heart's electrical activity and blood pressure while under physical stress. This is also known as an exercise tolerance test.

Vein Center
As an extension of our renowned vascular care, the Arizona Heart Institute plays host to one of the region’s leading vein treatment centers. At the institute’s Vein Center, treatment for varicose veins extends beyond the cosmetic, with acknowledgment that this form of vascular disease can cause serious heath problems, including pain, swelling and limited mobility.

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American Heart Association (AHA)
American Heart Association’s mission is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.
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