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Millions of Americans are diagnosed each year with various stages of heart disease and vascular disease. Our physicians, surgeons, nurses and cardiac specialists are ready to respond to your heart health needs with a comprehensive, integrated approach to cardiovascular care. Five Abrazo Health’s hospitals are accredited by the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care. Our state-of-the-art technology, diagnostic and interventional capabilities, recognized cardiac rehabilitation services, and community education programs enable us to deliver the highest level of heart and cardiovascular care for you and your loved ones.

Why Abrazo Heart and Vascular Care?

Abrazo Health’s heart and vascular care combines clinical excellence with service and compassion. Our heart and vascular doctors and surgeons provide patients with personalized attention through our innovative approach to preventing, treating and even reversing cardiovascular disease. Accredited Chest Pain Centers

  • Leaders in detecting, treating and preventing heart and vascular disease
  • Award-winning centers for outstanding patient care
  • Integrated network of board-certified heart and vascular specialists
  • Comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation programs
  • Occupational, physical, respiratory and speech therapy
  • Community outreach and education
  • Accredited by the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care - five Abrazo Health hospitals are accredited by Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care.

Take the first step toward a healthier heart. Whether you’re experiencing symptoms or want to learn how to prevent cardiovascular disease, one of our specialists can help. Call 1-888-3ABRAZO for an appointment.

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We Offer Exceptional Heart Care:


Five Abrazo Health hospitals are accredited by the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care. 

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Know the Symptoms of Heart Disease:

Symptoms of heart and vascular disease vary, and can resemble more than one cardiovascular problem. If any of the symptoms listed below describe how or what you are feeling, take control of your heart health.

  • I have chest pain or discomfort, shortness of breath, dizziness, fluttering in my chest, or other symptoms that just don’t feel right.
  • I have palpations in my chest, feel tired and short of breath, and sometimes get light headed.
  • I recently passed out and think it might be related to my heart.
  • With the slightest bit of effort, I wear out.
  • When I push myself, I have a wheezing cough.
  • My legs, ankles and feet are heavy and swollen.
  • I have a heart murmur, or had rheumatic fever as a child.
  • I have a history of heart attack, coronary artery stents and/or bypass surgery but continue to feel worse.
  • I suffer from Type II diabetes.
  • I have none of these symptoms but have risk factors of heart disease such as family history, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol, history of smoking, lack of exercise, obesity and a poor diet.

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

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