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Nicholas Moore, M.D.

Nicholas Moore, M.D.

  • Undergraduate School: University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin
    Clinical Interest: Sports Medicine, Underserved Medicine

    Originally born in Maine, I moved to Wisconsin when I was really young. I grew up just outside of Milwaukee and then went to college at the University of Wisconsin. I studied Nutritional Science and loved living in Madison. I went to Medical School at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

    I chose Family Medicine because of the long-term relationships you establish with patients and the ability to develop those relationships to improve care. I really enjoy the opportunities to work with the underserved population and am very interested in Sports Medicine.

    I love to hang out with my wife, Ki, and spend time just talking, listening and empathizing with her (brownie points)! We also have a really funny dog named Besa; she’s a Puggle. I like to work out, play basketball and play the drums. I was in a band in high school, but we never made it past the state fair and a demo tape, so this is my creative outlet.

    I’m really excited to work with everyone at Phoenix Baptist and to grow as a physician. I also can’t wait to live in a place where my nose hairs don’t freeze just from walking the distance between the hospital and my car!

  • Author: Moore, M.D., Nicholas
  • Date uploaded: 12 Aug 2011, 07:23

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