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Mother & Newborn Care

Health care for women requires a special touch-blending compassion and expertise. Whether you are planning the birth of your baby or having a women's health procedure, the Mother & Newborn Care at Phoenix Baptist Hospital is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art childbirth, nursery, family planning and women's health services in a caring, comfortable environment focused on you.

Our philosophy of care is centered on services that meet you and your family's needs, and also recognize and respect your individuality and beliefs. In virtually every situation, you have the ability to make appropriate decisions about your own care.

Phoenix Baptist Hospital is proud to offer new families the Growing Family Web Nursery page.

Mother & Newborn tours and classes

We invite you to tour Phoenix Baptist Hospital prior to your delivery by signing up for a tour. To guide you throughout every aspect of your pregnancy, delivery and early parenting stages, we offer a variety of classes. All classes are taught by nurses or medical professionals who work in our Mother & Newborn Care center. Visit our online class registration site to arrange a tour and sign up for our classes.


For your convenience, we encourage you to pre-register for your stay at Phoenix Baptist Hospital. Pre-registration will allow us to receive and process your information prior to your visit and keep you informed before and after your stay. You will be contacted upon receipt of your pre-registration form and provided materials in anticipation of your new baby!

What to expect when you arrive

Labor & Delivery

Having a baby is a family affair. That is why the Mother & Newborn Care at Phoenix Baptist Hospital encourages mothers, father, siblings and other important family members to participate in the celebration of childbirth. It is a joyous time for everyone in the family, especially mom. We offer unique services and delivery options individual to every woman, child and family.

Our Labor & Deliver/Recovery rooms (LDR) are private and equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment. We have created a comfortable, caring atmosphere within the hospital that welcomes you, your new baby and other family members who are present to share this special delivery.

Nursery & Neonatal Care

Our nursery services are based on the principles of couplet-care: meaning your baby stays with you and we take care of you together. We understand the importance of keeping you and baby as close as possible while also providing an environment that welcomes family and friends, if appropriate. This personalized attention makes learning to care for your new baby more comfortable, especially for new moms.

Phoenix Baptist Hospital has a complete Level II Nursery located in the heart of the Mother & Newborn Care. Our nursery has highly skilled neonatal specialists and nurses to care for infants who may need extra attention.

Nothing is more important than the security of you and your newborn baby. For this reason our Mother & Newborn Care is monitored 24 hours a day by hospital security personnel, and is also equipped with electronic safeguards.

View our Mother & Newborn flyer for a listing of tours and classes

Health Resources 

Abrazo partners with University of Colorado Cord Blood Bank

In the past, when a baby was born, the umbilical cord was thrown away. But today, blood for the umbilical cord can be collected after your baby’s birth and donated to a public cord bank to help someone with a life-threatening disease. Cord blood transplants can help children and adults with life-threatening diseases such as leukemia, lymphoma, or genetic diseases. More than 22,000 patients around the world have received transplants from donations to the public cord blood banks. 
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