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Midwifery Program

Midwifery Comp

The unique midwifery program at Phoenix Baptist Hospital is ideal for women who are looking for a natural, more holistic birthing experience. Phoenix Baptist Hospital is one of only a few hospitals in the Valley that allow midwife-assisted births by certified nurse-midwives.

Certified nurse-midwives provide low intervention and continued support during the entire labor, delivery and postpartum process, but are also trained to recognize unexpected complications and work closely together with OB/GYN physicians in the event of necessary procedures such as inductions, cesarean sections or episiotomies.

Benefits of using a certified nurse-midwife

  • Low intervention
  • Natural techniques
  • Unique birthing positions to reduce discomfort
  • Emotional support and encouragement

Phoenix Baptist Hospital’s Labor and Delivery staff work closely with certified nurse-midwives to provide additional support by offering birthing balls, jacuzzi tubs and strive to discharge patients within 24 hours of giving birth.

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