Whether you are a first time parent getting ready for the arrival of your child or if you have just been diagnosed with diabetes and want to learn effective ways to manage your disease, Abrazo Health hospitals offer an array of evidence based health information and customize health classes and wellness programs.

Why Abrazo?

Healthy Hours is your ticket to wellness providing a variety of health screenings, education programs and community outreach to prevent disease and injury, promote healthy behaviors and improve the quality of life in our communities.

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Health Guides

Health SignComplete Health Information Guide

Good health is important to everyone. And our Healthcare Center is just the tool you need to make better informed decisions about your own care and coverage.

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Happy CoupleDisease Management Guide

Finding out you have a disease can be an unnerving experience, leaving you feeling concerned, helpless, or distressed. But you can take control of your health through proper disease management. Here is a comprehensive guide of more than 100 health and medical conditions.

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Health GuideMen's Health Guide

Although you may feel healthier with a bit of a tan…your skin sure does not! The sunlight that warms our bones and makes flowers grow contains UV radiation. Too much UV radiation can damage the skin.

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Womens HealthWomen's Health Guide

If you have had a C-section, can you deliver your next baby through the birth canal? Should you?

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treatments and proceduresTreatments & Procedures

Want to learn more about what a CT Scan is, or what exactly minimally invasive surgery involves? Learn more about all types of medical treatments and procedures here.

Healthy Living Calculators

Activity Calculator
Find out which activities you need to work off those calories.

Body Mass Index
Do you know your weight status?

Exercise Guide
Which activities will help you accomplish your weight loss goal? 

Ideal Body Weight
Calculate your ideal body weight range.

Target Heart Rate
Find out your heart rate range.

Health Risk Assessors

Breast Cancer
Are you at risk based on your age and other known factors?

Heart Disease
Determine your risk of developing heart disease.

Find out your risk for Type II Diabetes. 

Can you benefit from further testing?


Education Tools

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

Need a Physician?

find a physicianIf you need to locate a physician near you, our 24-hour physician referral line is available to assist you at 1-888-3Abrazo (1-888-322-7296) or visit any one of Abrazo Medical Group primary care and specialty physicians.

Anatomy Navigator

Anatomy NavigatorUse this tool to learn about the muscular and skeletal system of the human body.

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Conditions Navigator

Diseases and ConditionsUse this tool to learn about diseases and conditions affecting the human body.

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